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Sugar Casino Casino VIP

In order to get into this exclusive club, you have to call in a few favors and be nice! As soon as the probation period is over for those of us who are considered “most rewarded” clients, then it becomes time for management inside Sugar Casinos decide who should become one of our most-rewarded members.

The first thing I do when someone joins my casino family is make sure they’re taken care of. At Sugar Casino, we know that every VIP player needs something different to feel like a part of the team and be recognized for their contributions; whether it’s increasing betting limits or custom bonuses based off what kind you seem most determined (or lucky) enough to win at our tables!

Sugar Casino is the ultimate gaming experience for you and your friends! From free parking to complimentary drinks, Sugar will take care of anything that might be needed during any visit. Personal advisors can get them tickets before anyone else or assist with repairs at their convenience. Sugar has been designed from the ground up just for elite gamers like yourself – come enjoy a VIP treatment today!

With perks like a private gaming area with bartenders to serve guests 24/7, the feeling of club life is brought not just into your home but also onto game day.

Bonuses Promotions

Sugar Casino is more than just a casino. Sugar stands for “sweet” and that’s exactly what you’ll find here! The online casino matches your initial deposit up to €125/1125SEK/1000NOK, so it’s like getting 55 free spins on Starburst video slot with every new account created*. It also offers an exclusive 2nd Chance Reload Bonus when the Welcome Bonuses are all used up. Opting to fund your account again (with as much as 25%!) helps ensure this will not be the last time we play together at

*Promotion valid until December 31st only

October means pumpkin pie, Halloween, and the best promotions from our casino! From October 1st until November 1st all depositors will receive up to $5,000 worth of free spins just for playing any one of our slot games. If you’re looking for more in-game bonuses then wait no longer – Sugar Hallowe’en is here with a double candy token value offer if earned during this month!

Get into the spirit of fall with SlotsMillion Casino’s 10% cashback and 50 extra spins giveaways!


Sugar Casino has enabled you to deposit and withdraw funds in a variety of ways, guaranteeing that your playing experience is as comfortable for you as possible.

Sugar Casino knows how important it can be when players are able to transfer money quickly from their bank account or credit card into the online casino they use so they have made sure there are many different options available such as Western Union Quick Cash, Money Gram Express Remit Services, International Wire transfers (SWIFT), E-wallet services like Skrill and Neteller among others.

The happiest bank in the world is here. Imagine a bank that has the power to make you happy, as if happiness were some sort of tangible object and they could just dish it out like cash or credit cards. What would this do for your life? Would you be more productive at work knowing there’s an entire team working behind-the-scenes making sure all goes well with your finances while you’re busy doing what needs done? Less angry when something doesn’t go exactly how planned because deep down inside, whatever happens financially – good or bad – will happen anyway thanks to our silent helpers who know us better than we ever imagined possible!

Imagine being able to take control over not only where money flows but also how much time should be

You can withdraw money from any time, everywhere with a simple swipe of your finger. You’ll find that Bank Transfers are also supported for withdrawals so long as the player’s bank allows it and if they don’t you’re not missing out on anything because there’s nothing stopping you from opening up an account at another place and transferring all of your funds over yourself too easily by just signing into their online website which can be found right on most new computers these days or even better yet- going straight to them instead!


Sugar Casino has a huge selection of exciting games, and features popular titles like Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Tomb Raider: The Dark Knight. In addition to some classic card/table favorites such as European Roulette or Baccarat – Sugar Casino also offers other new releases including South Park Reel Chaos! If you’re looking for a game with live dealers head on over to the Live casino where they offer classics like blackjack as well more obscure ones such as baccarat.

Loyalty Rewards VIP

Sugar Casino’s VIP program offers a prestigious and exclusive experience for players who are passionate about the casino. To become part of this invite-only club, you have to meet requirements such as playing at Sugar regularly, being on good terms with management, etc., but once accepted into The Sugar Club there is nothing that can’t be accomplished! Enjoy higher betting limits and personal bonuses along with your own VIP manager assigned to help you out in case any problems arise while enjoying all aspects of just how great it feels to be one of the most popular members at an online casino.

Sugar Casino knows what drives their customers: passion; which is why they offer a membership tier called “The Sugar Club”. This invitation-only status symbol will give patrons access

Customer Service

Sugar Casino is not only for VIPs. It’s a top-tier destination where all players can enjoy the benefits of outstanding customer support and other perks that make Sugar an unforgettable experience! In case you have questions about your account or game then don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly Customer Support reps who are ready 24/7 with Live Chat service in addition to Contact Us form requests. Even though it may take some time, customer service is always priority number 1 here at Sugar and they do their best at getting back to every player as quickly as possible.

Join Now

Sugar Casino is the perfect online casino to provide you a rewarding and enjoyable experience because they offer monthly promotions, generous welcome bonuses for new players, have an extensive selection of games. Sugar Casino offers free accounts with no deposit requirements that allow users to play without spending any money. They also have awesome games! Sign up today so you can enjoy all these benefits as well as many more when playing at sugarcasino

SugarCasino offers gamblers a chance to play for fun without risking any of their hard-earned cash. You just need virtual currency, and you can withdraw from these accounts tax free!

No, Sugar Casino does not take cryptocurrencies.

It’s not just about the games at Sugar Casino. What really sets them apart is their generous and inclusive offer to new players: Sign up for a free account, have loads of fun with 20 days without spending any money as you explore all that this site has to offer- then withdraw it all in one go! The best part? They’ve got something for everyone from slots lovers like me who prefer Blackjack or Roulette but want more than five lines, high rollers looking for live dealer casino action…there will be an experience here just right for anyone.

It doesn’t matter what your skill level may be either; if you’re feeling lucky there are 3 card poker tables waiting – perfect when luck seems fleeting elsewhere on the floor thanks to

The casino has an array of games that are sure to thrill any gamer. If you want a fast paced game, there’s Zeus II and for those who prefer more strategy-based gameplay, Baccarat is the perfect choice!

Yes, Sugar Casino counts with a live chat support.

SugarCasino is a free online casino that lets you use your account for 20 days without spending any money and then withdraw it all in the end. You can also keep those awesome games going because they have live dealer slots with lots of great choices so whether Blackjack or Roulette, there will be something just right for everyone!

Sugar Casino is not for US players because they will be blocked from accessing the site. Sugar Casino has everything out-of-the ordinary, like Zeus II slot machines that offer an adrenaline rush to those who play it as well as poker games which are forbidden in most casinos everywhere.

Sugar Casino is not for US players. Sugar requires that the player reside in one of these countries or territories: Antigua And Barbuda; Argentina; Aruba; Australia (including its external Territories); Austria (excludes Vorarlberg); Bahamas ; Bahrain ; Belgium(excluding Province Of Luxembourg) Bermuda British Virgin Islands Bulgaria Czech Republic Canada Cayman Islands Chile Croatia Cyprus Denmark Estonia Finland France United Kingdom Gibraltar Greenland Guernsey Hong Kong Hungary Iceland Ireland Isle Of Man Italy Jersey Kazakhstan Kuwait Latvia Liech

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