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Generally applied for over the phone or Internet for people with a less than perfect credit rating. Any loan taken out post 2000 we can find the account number for the customer but prior to this date the customer must still have access to the original paperwork. ALL content displayed on is for information purposes only. Once your balance has been cleared, your account can be closed. Grattan also provides a virtual assistant that can help with simple queries, available 24/7. Grattan PLC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority .

Searches automatically include products from sister websites and return relevant results if any products are available on Clearance365. Clearance365 sells all items previously sold on its sister site and is now available for purchase at a huge discount. Some of the featured items may not be in stock, but they are gone. You can spread the cost of your purchases by signing up for a Bonprix Personal account. Littlewoods is another option and they offer a wide range of products. You can email Grattan using their online template form, which will deliver your concern directly to their customer care team.

I Cannot Afford To Pay My Grattan Catalog Account Debt

An alternative delivery address can be entered during the checkout process if ordering online or given to our adviser if ordering via telephone. Please ensure that any alternate delivery address you select is safe. Clearance365 aim to deliver the next day; the service cannot be guaranteed.

Buying from a physical store means that you can take the product home with you. Buying online means there is always going to be an element of delay whilst you wait for your delivery. Catalogue companies are also able to review any other financial agreements, such as your monthly Mobile Phone contract, Credit Card, Utility bills and any Loans. You will get the best service if you use each item as intended. Real customers submit product reviews, so you have access to a genuine and independent assessment of each product.

Catalogue Companies

To be eligible for a bad credit catalog, you must have a high enough credit score. When you apply for a no credit check catalogue, the shopping catalogue company will not run a credit check on you. Customers who are late on their other credit agreements repayments may have their credit limits reduced or even denied. Catalogue companies are happy to extend credit if you can afford the items. But no catalogue company wants to entice you into a situation that you cannot keep up with the monthly repayments. Online shopping can cause many emotional and psychological problems.