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At Crockers we pride ourselves on our standout team of experienced and professional property managers. Crockers property managers will go the extra mile for you to ensure that your investment property is well managed and that you have peace-of-mind. We will maximize your rental returns, help you select the right tenant and make sure your property is always well-maintained.

If you are the same, you will need a property manager to take care of your property like it was their own. They are theirs. Debbie of Resolute Property Management is a great example of such a property manager in Papatoetoe. OPERATING HOURZodiak Management’s goal is to provide the best quality management service for Airbnb. Point Property Management’s passion for their craft is one of its most distinctive features. They’re one of the property management firms that actually enjoys their jobs, thus yielding better results for their clients.

Can Renovations Significantly Increase Rent?

Since the first houses went up in the region more than 150 years ago, buying rental property has been a reliable path for property investors to achieve wealth for retirement and ongoing income. With demand for pet-friendly homes at a record high, here are five ways landlords can organise their rental property for tenants with pets. Installing towel racks in the bathroom might not be necessary or required, but replacing an old toilet with a water-conserving model to meet city standards could be. If the tenant determines that the repair is unnecessary, they may write the landlord a letter stating as such and that they chose not to have the work done. The law does not specifically define a set amount of time that a landlord has to give before entering.

  • We dealt with Ali and the team who we were in contact with during our 2 and a half years in Auckland.
  • We are here for you to find the best solutions to your problems.
  • We work in with listing agents, vendors, tenants, any existing occupants.

We have thousands of satisfied and happy clients. We also make sure that your mind is at ease when it comes to managing your property. We take great care of your property. Our team of experts has extensive market knowledge. It gives you the chance to relax and makes you feel confident about your property.

Regular rent reviews and advice about low-cost ways of increasing the property’s yield will help you improve your numbers. We work with vendors, tenants, and any existing occupants. Our aim is for you to become our client for life for all your investment property matters.

We treat our tenants as if they were our guests. When you search for potential rentals, we want you to feel at home and comfortable. The application process is simple and our team will be there with you along the way, giving you peace of mind. You can find the application on the website or you can contact us with any questions that you may have regarding the application process.

Point Property Management protects your investment, maximizes return, and ensures compliance. Learn more about who we are, how we can manage your property intelligently, and our fees. We’ve learned a lot about property owners that we didn’t know.

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It allows buyers to visualize themselves living in the space, which is often difficult when a room has been empty or filled with furniture belonging to another person. However, for us it’s also about partnership – working alongside people who leverage our knowledge and strategies to make the most of their investments, nurture growth and move towards their goals. If you’re an Auckland home owner and are thinking about vacating your family home for the short or long term, why not enjoy an income stream? It will pay off your mortgage and pay for any other expenses. ongoing upkeep, or perhaps cover travelling or living costs in another country.

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Learn more about the properties we manage by visiting our SERVICES page. Or give us a call for a discussion or to book a rental appraisal. Harper Properties charges 8.5% of the rental income of their clients. They also offer a complimentary rent appraisal for those who wish to know how much their property is worth. Should you have any concerns property tenancy then their staff is also more than willing to present and walk you through the Tenancy Tribunal so that you could further understand it. Furthermore, they have a comprehensive property advertising and viewing system wherein you can get a wide range of quality tenants for your property.

Why should I work in property management?

Tuscancity Property Management has satisfied the TCIT and achieved compliance with the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 on the 25th May 2018 and September 2020. We’re one of the few New Zealand property management companies to offer guaranteed rent to property owners. Great relationships are the key to great property management. We act as mentors and consultants for landlords, helping them to make the most of their investment. We make sure that their residential and commercial properties are running smoothly.