Mail Order Catalogues


Register or sign in to save these items forever Please note that only one credit product can be purchased per customer. To transfer to another credit product, the original account must be closed beforehand. But this is the history sometime like a mortgage company or loan will be looking for. So get onto experian check your credit record, see that everything on there is correct. Please tick if you would like to receive news, offers and information from our trusted and carefully selected partners that we think you might like.

These companies allow customers to pay off debts after six months of regular installments or within 12 months with a lump sum payment. If you have a very poor attitude, credit rating, then the catalogues above may be your only option. When you shop using a catalogue, you’ll normally be offered the option of spreading your payments over a period of time.

Fifty Plus Catalogue

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Why Are Credit Scores Important?

We are here to help. Here is our comprehensive guide to online catalog shopping. If you choose to pay later, you will receive your first statement within 28 days of opening a credit account and thereafter, telling you how much to pay and when. The traditional mail order catalogue would be produced twice a year, one for the Spring / Summer seasons and another for the Autumn / Winter seasons. This would allow customers to see a set of products at fixed prices.

This means that if you’re repeatedly applying for loans or credit, especially within a short period, these applications will negatively impact your credit score. Spreading the cost is excellent, provided you’re not missing any payments. It helps ensure your reliability and establishes credibility with the catalogue, too, giving you access to more shopping options. When you’re trying to build a credit history, if you’re starting from scratch, or just generally trying to improve your score, you need a credit line.