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Kingswin Casino Casino VIP

Kingswin Casino has a loyalty program available to the players that is called “The Journey.” The game starts with level 1 and ends at level 5. You will get more rewards, such as match bonuses, free spins or cash rewards every time you reach a new stage in your journey. Some of these prizes are expensive items like IPhones or IPads for example! From what they tell me, the members that are able to reach the highest level and stage can win a brand-new Mercedes Benz! I am not sure whether this is true or just an urban legend but it still sounds pretty cool!

Bonuses Promotions

Kingswin Casino has been in the industry for over 30 years and they offer players many great benefits. For example, new members with their first five deposits of $10 or more are eligible to receive an introductory bonus package that includes a welcome bonuses split into 5 different categories!

Visit Kingswin Casino to get up 500% match on your initial deposit and more. You can receive a €100 bonus plus 55 free spins, 200% matched second-deposit with 50% third-deposit bonus; also enjoy instant win slots Mega Moolah for 10 games or 20 cash prize draws.

This online casino is offering five amazing offers that include bonuses of 100%-200%. As an example the first offer has a total sum of €500 in which you will make a single deposit worth at least €50 – this gives you access to earn as much as 55 free spins! The next offer earns players new members 250 euros when they spend just one euro–and there are many additional prizes too like ten extra rounds from slot

If you’re looking to get some extra money on top of your winnings, this site will give it back at least twice as much! You can get a bonus up to €25 on your first deposit when you use the code “FRUITS”. Every Wednesday is also free spin opportunities for one game. If make an initial deposit with at least €20 and 25% more spins each time that amount increases by another five Euros, then every slot machine experience can be even better than before.

Kingswin Casino is the place to be for gamers who love new and exciting casino games. Not only do they have a game of the week promotion where you can get free rounds in your favorite slots or table games, but also tournaments with juicy prize pools that will help boost earnings quickly! And don’t forget about their VIP Club which offers 5 levels – all with amazing rewards and benefits that make it easier than ever before to earn bonuses from Kingswin Casino!


SEB is the best option if you’re looking for a surefire way to deposit on Kingswin Casino. You can visit one of their many local branches, or log in with your account details online- whichever method takes only five minutes (max!) to process each transaction – no hidden fees either! If you want an even more speedy payment system and are willing to pay higher withdrawal processing rates, try Visa instead.

Not to worry, we’re here for you. All withdrawals will be processed within 1 business day (but can take up 5 days depending on how busy they happen to be that week!).


Playing games is more fun when you can play them on your tablet or smartphone. Kingswin Casino offers a huge selection of 1,000+ mobile-supported casino and gambling options for entertainment purposes only! Here are some popular slots to check out: Pink Elephants, Carnival Queen and Luchadora among others with many different themes such as Midas Golden Touch or Esqueleto Explosivo linked to them.

From poker to roulette, there are plenty of casino games on Kingswin’s roster. You can play with a live dealer as well!

Kingswin Casino has an amazing selection of online and downloadable casino games for you to choose from. Do you want some interactive fun? Try playing against the house in blackjack or baccarat while chatting up your opponent at the same time. If that isn’t enough variety for you, head over to their Live Dealer section where anything goes including Andar Bahar, Bet On Numbers Automatic Roulette, and Black Jack Baccarat just waiting for someone like yourself who wants something fresh out of the ordinary when it comes down to gambling entertainment

Loyalty Rewards VIP

Kingswin Casino has some of the most creative and fun rewards systems in all casinos. The casino boasts five levels with each level accompanied by a unique reward that will not only encourage you to keep playing, but make it even more exciting when you reach new goals!

The Journey is Kingswin Casino’s loyalty program. Players are rewarded with match bonuses, free spins on their favorite game or slot machine; cash awards for reaching milestones in playtime–even exclusive trips around the world as well as expensive gifts such as Smart TVs and iPads await those lucky players who work hard enough at The Journey. For our top performers’ we offer a brand new Mercedez Benz Car!

Customer Service

Kingswin Casino provides decent customer service with live chat, but the site may need to make improvements for players to trust it completely. There are times when no agents can be found and customers will not get any help at all; this is a problem that needs some type of action in order for gamers to feel more comfortable using Kingswin again.

Join Now

Play Blackjack or Video Poker anywhere, anytime at Kingswin Casino! With tons of deposit methods and a selection of apps for mobile play, entertainment has never been so varied.

Kingswin Casino doesn’t accept players from the U.S., Spain, Denmark, Sweden or France but if you’re interested in gambling with Bitcoin then this is for you! This online casino now accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment so that means no matter where on Earth your gaming takes place-you have access to their games and high quality customer service team 24 hours per day/7 days per week without having to worry about any country restrictions.

Kingswin Casino does not accept players from some countries such as United States of America, Spain, Denmark Sweden France Lithuania Latvia Italy Israel Belgium Netherlands Turkey North Korea Ukraine Russia Belarus Kazakhstan and UAE but they do allow deposits using bitcoin which allows anyone anywhere across the globe can deposit into Kingswin’s account at

Kingswin Casino provides one of the best affiliate programs on the web. You can earn commissions by referring other players to Kingswin’s casino and you’ll never have go through any hidden fees or terms violations with this trusted company

It is available on PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

Even though it is illegal to gamble in most states, there are plenty of ways you can do so and still be completely on the right side of the law. There’s no need for complicated legal hassles when Kingswin Casino offers a commission-based affiliate program that gives webmasters an incentive to bring in new players through their generous sign up bonus, first deposit match bonuses, comp points on every spin (8x) – all part of what makes this casino attractive! So if you’re interested in earning money gambling responsibly without any pesky rules or regulations getting involved then your one stop shop just might be Kingswin Casino.

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