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Atlantic Casino Club Casino VIP

Playing at Atlantic Casino Club is more than just trying your luck with the slots. You can get points for playing, and it’s easy to see how much you’ve wagered so far by simply logging in on a daily basis. If you’re ready to earn even higher rewards (and have enough money) head over now!

The Gold tier offers a 5% bonus, the Platinum tier has 10%, and finally 12.5% for Black-tier players.

Bonuses Promotions

Atlantic Casino Club is offering a slew of bonuses and promotions to help you get the most out of your gambling experience. The best way to start off this offer? With one hundred percent up to $500 match bonus! There are also other types of promos like free spins for slots players or cashback options, too: Ladies Night, where ladies can enjoy 50% off on all tables games until midnight every Friday night in this casino lounge.

Atlantic Casino Club has everything from classic table gaming (like Blackjack) and video poker machines, as well as slot machine favorites suchs as Wheel Of Fortune Slots which offer big payouts when playing max bet per spin ($5). Be sure to check out their bonuses before you leave.


Atlantic Casino Club is committed to global players by offering a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, including Visa cards. With so many different payment options available for international players like you, there’s no turning back!


Atlantic Casino Club is a world-class casino with one of the most extensive game selections in the industry. Players have access to games from trusted gaming software developers like Betsoft, Amaya, NextGen and many more! The site provides slots such as Whospunit, Mamma Mia Gorila Go Wild Call of Colosseum Superman Wonder Woman Flash Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Judge Dredd among others for your enjoyment. Additionally players can enjoy traditional table games at Atlantic Casino Club while they take their chance on winning cash or prizes today!

Loyalty Rewards VIP

Atlantic Casino Club is one of the most generous casinos around for VIPs. Not only does it offer a whopping 25% bonus, but each $10 wagered earns you 1 Bonus Point that can be exchanged for cash at any time. Unlike other programs where your status depends on how much money you’ve spent or what rewards tier matches your level in Atlantic Casino Club’s program, every dollar counts and by being loyal to ACC with all those dollars turned into points will grant players their spot from Silver to Black tiers without ever having lost a penny!

By moving up the tiers in our rewards program, you can earn better bonus points for your bank account and get more close to that item on your wish list. We have a great system of levels where Gold memberships will give 5%, Platinum gives 15% extra and Black gets an additional 25%. The higher level membership means that there is less work involved with collecting enough points as well!

For example: if you are gold member status then every $1 spent equals 10 Bonus Points but by raising it up to platinum this becomes 12.5-15% or at black 20%-25%. It’s easy when working towards building something closer like a new TV!

Customer Service

Atlantic Casino Club prides itself on being the best casino for anyone looking to have an even better time playing. With a customer support team that is always pro-active and friendly, you’ll never find yourself struggling with any concerns or questions when it comes to gaming at

Join Now

Atlantic Casino Club’s games, bonuses, VIP program and customer service combined make it one of the most compelling online casinos around. One feature that is surprisingly good about Atlantic Casino Club is its VIP Program. For those players who do not want to accumulate points for progression through their levels in this program (a lot slower) you can simply keep playing! The casino will automatically elevate your tier based on how much money has been wagered by the player up until now — so things are more rewarding fast than slow as they say!

With so many options out there, it’s hard to know which is the best for you. Thankfully Atlantic Casino Club has a solution with “deposit” rates as low at Visa and Paypal that won’t break your budget!

Withdrawal Options

With all the latest and greatest games to choose from, Atlantic Casino Club is sure to have you playing for hours! With options like Visa deposits and Paypal payments, your game time will be one of our best times.

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